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A few months ago my wife and I decided to quit our corporate jobs and “just live life.” That’s shorthand for “we had no idea what to do next.”  We didn’t leave our careers because we had a driving purpose or goal in mind. In fact, we didn’t know how we would spend the first day of our unemployment, much less the following week or month.  But we knew that we could no longer stomach devoting the majority of our waking hours to our previous careers, and decided that we would simply move forward without new jobs or even prospects.  Without any plan at all for our future occupations.  We decided to put a little faith in ourselves, step off the ledge, and see where we ended up if we just allowed ourselves to live for a while without purpose or expectation.

Our decision has led to a wide range of responses and questions from colleagues, friends and family members.  Many people are envious, some are skeptical, a few are worried and almost all are curious.  This blog is an attempt to allow others to follow along as we live this experiment – a peephole into how and why we are doing this.


  1. Oh I’m green with envy!!! You go girls!

  2. So now you’re not tied down, when are you going to come see me?

    • me

      August 7, 2015 at 3:32 pm

      Hi Tim! We’d love to come visit you. I’ve been thinking about a Pacific NW roadtrip for a while now … I’ll let you know if/when we get it organized!

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